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+ startw - initialise a Wayland session
+ startw [-h] [-v] [-c CONFIG] [-k KEYBOARDCONF]
+ The startw script is a front end to a Wayland shell (e.g. desktop man-
+ ager) that provides a somewhat nicer user interface for running a sin-
+ gle Wayland session. It is typically run without any arguments.
+ Much of the configuration for the Wayland shell is done through a shell
+ specific configuration file. However, some settings can only be given
+ through command-line arguments and/or environmental variables. For
+ instance, to configure the keyboard layout in most Wayland shells, the
+ following environment variables need to be set: XKB_DEFAULT_RULES,
+ XKB_DEFAULT_OPTION. The startw script handles this through the -k
+ option (see below on how to use it).
+ The script is analogues to the startx(1) and xinit(1) commands used to
+ initialise a X Window System session.
+ The arguments that are currently support by startx are:
+ -h print out the usage message and exit.
+ -v print out the version number and exit.
+ -c specify a configuration file other than the default.
+ -k specify the keyboard settings as a string formatted as "lay-
+ out;model;variant;options", e.g. "us;;;ctrl:nocaps" for a US key-
+ board with no caps-lock. See xkeyboard-config(7) for more informa-
+ tion.
+ $(HOME)/.winitrc Client to run. Typically a shell script which runs
+ many programs in the background. (Default)
+ startx(1), xinit(1)
+ No known bugs.
+ Hans-Nikolai Viessmann (hv15@hw.ac.uk)
+1.1.0 19 Oct 2016 startw(1)