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* Added some new stuffHEADmasterHans-Nikolai Viessmann2016-09-261-19/+31
* Updated structure of filesHans-Nikolai Viessmann2016-09-2611-84/+422
* CV for MEng applicationHans-Nikolai Viessmann2013-02-282-817/+814
* I am officially done with the CV for cloudreach!Hans-Nikolai Viessmann2013-02-102-11/+17
* I think I have finished for cloudreachHans-Nikolai Viessmann2013-02-102-106/+143
* fixed some spacing issues in coverletter, added some more stuff to theHans-Nikolai Viessmann2013-02-064-25/+18
* finishedHans-Nikolai Viessmann2012-11-302-8/+7
* done, profreading nowHans-Nikolai Viessmann2012-11-304-15/+35
* I think I am actually done nowHans-Nikolai Viessmann2012-11-276-38/+31
* have redone a bit of my cv, created a coverletterHans-Nikolai Viessmann2012-11-2711-23/+198
* added some spacingHans-Nikolai Viessmann2012-10-252-0/+2
* finished new cv for gg. added new gitignore as wellHans-Nikolai Viessmann2012-10-2516-5549/+70
* added git ignoreHans-Nikolai Viessmann2012-10-251-0/+7
* added a few things for the gg technical eventHans2012-10-258-5528/+4176
* finished and handed inHans2012-05-078-2261/+4105
* have reach a finished stateHans2012-04-0813-150/+5675
* have started on my gradesHans2012-04-0511-0/+231