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+layout: post
+title: The Everki Beacon, the Warranty Adventure
+description: Surviving the daily runs to university, to carrying all my
+ belongs around the world, my Everki backpack has been with me
+ through thick and thin. When it first broke, its strap coming
+ loose from the body I thought I had lost my best travel
+ companion. This is the story of my broken bag, and the adventure
+ I had in getting it repaired.
+categories: blog travel wear
+tags: backpack everki warranty
+== Introduction
+I bought my Everki backpack sometime in 2010, just before I was about to
+start my undergraduate-degree. I had been looking around for a bag that could
+hold all my things: cables, bottles, books, papers, and my laptop. The last
+item was particular important to me, and what ever bag I chose would need to be
+able to safely handle this piece of kit. To add some context, my laptop was the
+Clevo D900F, a behemoth, weighing in at about 5 kilograms in a 18 inch
+enclosure. Understandably, most bags aren't designed to take this kind of bulk
+(at least not the ones that can fit comfortably in a plane's overhead luggage
+bin), so finding one suitable to the task was difficult.
+After searching around, I decided to go with an unknown travel gear
+manufacturer:[Everki]. Unlike many other brands, Everki
+specialises in producing backpacks for 17+ inch laptops as well as carrying a
+lot of other kit. I decided to take the leap and purchased their
+It passed my checklist of requirements while also offering a bit more. I love
+bags that have a lot of storage space, especially when it doesn't cause the bag
+to become deformed. The Beacon does this, providing pockets on the outside for
+quick access, one on the front flap that can hold all my cables and other bits
+and bobs, and several on the inside. Additionally the laptop is housed in its
+own compartment which is separated from the rest of the bag. Though some people
+prefer having panels subdividing the main compartment, I don't and was pleased
+to find that this was optional in the Beacon, with a hidden flap providing this
+facility when necessary. Finally, the bag comes with a rain cover that can be
+stored in a separate pocket underneath the bag.
+When it arrived a few days later, I found myself looking over this well
+packaged bag, reading the dozen or so tags connected to every possible space.
+Each explained the various features of the bag, as well as pointing out where
+one could store stuff with suggestions. After removing these and cleaning out
+the paper filler from the compartments, I finally tried it on. The first thing
+I noticed was how big the bag was, especially in width, cover my entire back.
+Secondly, the balance of the bag was really good, with it sitting comfortably
+on my shoulders, the base connecting with my lower back. After this initial
+test, I filled it up with all my stuff. Everything fit nicely, and there was
+still a bit of room left in case I needed to add something more.
+== The first cycle
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+Well, there are several reasons that I have given such a low score. In short:
+- for some reason I was in queues for at least 15 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes
+- fault personnel weren't helpful, and most (2 out of 3) where actually a bit rude
+- my problem was not considered important, and I kept getting redirect
+- my problem did not get solved
+The problem I was having was that the router (SuperHub 1) kept crashing, disabling my network and disconnecting all my devices, whenever I applied any network intensive load. In this case I was doing some file-transferring through a VPN and running this in parallel to maximise my download rate. After about a minute of doing this the router would lock up and become unresponsive, eventually crashing and stop blinking. Each time this happened I had to power-cycle it. After several attempts
+over the weekend I gave up and resolved to find sometime during the week to get some help from Virgin Media Business support.
+Whenever I finally reached a fault person, I was constantly told that 'We do not support VPNs'. I was confused and bit miffed as this was not stated anywhere in the T&C, Usability policy, etc. I even asked my sales rep if this would be all right and she said YES! At any rate, one of the fault personnel acknowledged that they had miss understood me and corrected their statement, saying that I shouldn't try to maximise my bandwidth utilisation. They further stated that the SuperHub was not
+designed to handle this kind of load and 'could' crash. At this point I was redirected to a sales support person who then started to provide suggestion of how I could avoid this; I had already done all that was suggested previously by reading various forums and mailing lists that talked about these problems. The suggestions where well meant, but did not solve the problem. Furthermore, I made the point that this was a business connection and that it should be expected that businesses
+might want to, on occasion, burst to peak bandwidth utilisation for a bit, and if the hardware can't handle it this simply shows that Virgin Media is being cheap about what hardware it provides it's customers.
+Another point, which I found very strange was that one of the fault personnel commented that the router had not crashed in X days, I said that I hadn't tried to connect to the VPN since the weekend. Regardless, the fault person was uninterested at that point and said something about 'We do not support VPNs'. I asked if they would appreciate it if I quickly connected to the VPN so that they could follow the process of the router crashing, they said no and promptly redirected me to sales.
+I have to say, I used to be a residential customer and the service was much nicer. Unlike many people, I don't have a problem with talking to people in call centres around the world. These support people tend to be very nice and do sometimes go that extra mile for you. The local UK call centre is evidently filled with some very overworked and unfriendly people. One of my calls ended up to a fault person who asked very rudely, 'how I had gotten this number'. When I said I had been
+redirected, they hung up. Once again I entered into a queue...
+After this fiasco, I am actually tempted to cancel my contract and go with someone else (like BT or Fluency).